ztoical (ztoical) wrote,

Are you this guy?

I stalked this guy around Dublin airport on Friday to sketch him as he had a really interesting head [from an artists point of view!] with these massive head phones and mad ginger hair and he was bouncing all over the place - he looked like a cartoon character. He ended up sitting next to me on the tub heading into London. He feel asleep before I could talk to him so I left my business card behind so if you are him, Hello, I'm not mad, honest though I may have taken your photo while you were asleep.

The thing was great but I was really lethargic for the whole day and just couldn't get into con buzz mode at all, despite knocking back two cans of coke and eating I don't know how many sugar laced sweets from various tables all day. I figured I was coming down with a cold or something and this morning I woke up feeling like utter crap. I was still in London, due to fly home at lunch time so had to drag myself to the airport. I must have looked as bad as I felt cus everyone at the gate stayed well clear of me which had the plus of getting a whole row to myself on the plane but then we took off and I was in an awful state with pains in my ears. Arrived to find some sort of fire had taken place at Dublin airpot, it was all over by the time we got there but there was some fault with the alarm system and it wouldn't shut off and the baggage things were acting up so we had to stand in the baggage hall for over an hour with the fire alarm going off at full blast - FUN!

Still despite not feeling 100%, the weekend was great fun. Not going to list everyone I meet as I know I'll forget someone and feel bad about that. I will give a shout out to Ginger barman and grumpy tie wearing barman in the half moon, they were great to put up with all the hyper comics people esp after the even more hyper medical students who'd been in the night before. The standard of work at the Thing has just come on in the leaps and bounds and there were lots of new faces which is always nice to see. I made some more money for Goal with the Anthology which I'm happy with but I feel I could have done better if I hadn't been so blah. Going to take the rest of tonight off and watch season three of Law and Order SVU [hmmmmmm Christopher Meloni, sadly not naked Christopher Meloni but I can stick on a couple of OZ eps later to make up for that]
Tags: goal anthology, thing

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