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Is Maith Liom Cáca Milis

Check out my facebook page for a chance to win a copy of this print plus six more from six talented Irish Artists as a part of a Paddy's Day Giveaway.

Two new accordion books

Here's some shots of the finished Dragon Alphabet book:

More book pics under cutCollapse )

New Year More Dragons

23 more dragons to be exact and 23 plus 3 equals 26 which makes a full Alphabet! So I'm putting my Dragon Alphabet together as an accordion book and here's some images of the dummy book.

Fire Dragon Nest

Holiday Cards '13

Hey it's that time of year again. If you would like a holiday card/postcard (haven't decided which yet) please email your address to cliodhna@ztoical.com - Please don't leave your address in comments I'm screening them this year.